Dennis Survival Foundation

The Dennis Survival Association  was founded by Dr. Dennis Hanover. He is leading in the promotion of martial arts and one of the world’s leading mentors in self-defense.

Dr. Dennis Hanover (founder and life president of Dennis Survival Ju Jitsu), and senior instructors/executives formed the “Dennis survival Association” to help children, and people in need.

Dennis Survival includes over 39 institutions with hundreds of black belts and instructors, apprentices and people that are certified trainers under the ministry of culture and sports (as instructed sports law of 1988). Many cities, settlements, villages, and farming communities help people that have fallen victim to social inequalities in the state of Israel.

Social action through martial arts – How?

Respect for

God, one’s country, Parents, Educators, Friends and one’s self is the foundation that maintains social order in the Dennis survival system. It is these principles that have laid a platform for five generations of Dennis survival success.

Dennis Survival is a technique unlike any other. It requires powerful mental and physical abilities in order to accommodate the four combined martial arts styles – Karate, Judo Ju-Jitsu, and Aikido. The use of both mental and physical capabilities are so important because the student must find a balance and not only use his physical power but mental as well. This combined will increase the students’ sense of awareness as well as environmental changes. And evasive technique, circale, closing in, distance, timing, focus, speed, zig- zag technique and power.

List of activities for the past and present

1. Training in schools and boarding facilities for teens and young adults in Herzliya, as well as Tel Aviv, Neve Hadar, Neve Israel, and Bnei Brak.

2. Training mentally challenged adults, teens, and youth.

3. Support and guidance for children, and victims of violence.

4. Support and guidance for girls at risk.

5. Support and training for women who were victims of violence.

6. Guidance and support to children referred here by welfare departments.

7. Juvenile prisons- Mitzpe Yam – 30 years.

The system instructors

The system instructors guide all members of Dennis Survival not just on the mat, but in life. This is available to all black belts and anyone involved with training children and youth without recognition. These black belt are also doctors, lawyers, CEO’s however, through Dennis Survival, they contribute to society in a meaningful way.

The success of the method within the framework of the Association will testify the following prizes of martial arts organizations:

• Ministry of culture award.

• Life achievement

• History of Israel award

• Fifty years platinum award – south africa

• South Africa sportsman of the year

• volunteer award – 2001 south africa

• Ministry of sports education award

• The president’s award to children

• Notable city of Herzliyah

• Dozens of thank you letters to the managers of the different gyms.

• World body organization

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