Dennis Survival

Dennis “Hisardut” Ju-Jitsu is a fighting system developed by Dr. Dennis Hanover (Dan 10th). This special system has proven itself successful under combat conditions for 50 years. The success against terror, and reality based violence lead to its acceptance as a modern form of Ju-Jitsu. The international center of survival and self-defense said, “All Dennis Hisardut branches worldwide are providing and promoting survival, and self-defense techniques which benefit world citizens, and private agencies.

The Dennis Hisardut Ju-Jitsu method is a way of life. The system was founded on the principles of respect, meaning, and to inform oneself. The basic foundation of respect that the system instills upon its students are respect for God, country/flag, parents, teachers, friends, and oneself. From these values emerges a guide that the youth can depend on, and live their life by. The system enriches the body and soul, and instills positive values.

A Dennis Hisardut Ju-jitsu student:

◾ knows his/her place in the world,

◾ is proud of his/her country,

◾ has a devoted family,

◾ is a true friend,

◾ is a helpful friend to society

In the Dennis Survival system, it is possible to find 5th generation students.

The method also teaches people to volunteer and help in the community in nature, and the environment. One example among many is the training of youth at the disadvantaged youth center in Neve Hadar and Juvenile prisons Mitzpe Yam(30 years). Dennis has been volunteering and coaching disadvantaged youth for 17 years. Dennis survival Ju-Jitsu is a modern fighting style that gives the recipient the tools necessary to defend against, weapons, acts of terrorism, and violence involving vicious assailants. The system combines elements of many unique fighting styles from around the world including Karate, Judo, and Ju-Jitsu self-defense techniques. The system gives the student the ability to stand strong and handle any dangerous situation that is thrown at them. The education system is constructed in such a way that accommodates any age, weight, or body type. Dennis survival builds strong individuals, and strengthens weak points in the process.

The newest division of Dennis survival, is specifically structured for women’s self-defense. This division was developed and taught by Daniela Ganpol and today is taught by Edward Lindenbaum and Aurly Hanover Bahar, and is directly supervised by Dr. Dennis Hanover himself.


Every year the system holds a championship dedicated to all of the fallen members of Dennis Hisardut. The championship is a national (Israeli) event with participants coming from all over the country and world.

The Team

Dr. Dennis Hanover (Dan 10) – Life president and Founder of the method.

Guy Hanover (9th Dan) – Vice President, Grand Master and Manager.

Council has formed a team of consultants, most of them veterans of the method, which greatly contributes their time and help to enhance and promote the method.

The team responsible for a variety of activities together with extended family helps trainees to encourage, promote and develop the Method – Dennis Survival Ju – Jitsu. OSS

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