Dr. Dennis Hanover

Dennis Hanover was born in South Africa in 1937. His fathers entire family perished in the Holocaust during World War 2. Dennis endured a hard childhood, and quickly learned the lesson of survival early in his life due to anti-Semitism, and the daily suffering of South African life. Dennis began in the world of sports and martial arts tournaments as a teenager in a youth group called “The Youth Guard” Hashomer Hatsair.

He quickly made name for himself in the Judo world becoming a South African national Judo jewish champion for his weight class. In 1958 he started a Jewish youth movement where he taught Judo and self-defense. In 1960 he immigrated to Israel where he was the main influence,1961 introducing competitive Judo to the Jewish state. He created the Judo Maccabiah Games, and organized many karate contests. Dennis was also a founding member of the Israel National Judo Association 9th 10 th Mecabie Karate, President of Mecabie Karate.

In 1975 Dennis travelled to Japan in order to participate in the Karate (full contact) world championship. Because of his masterful technique, spirit, and performance, Dennis was declared one of the seven best fighters in the world. He is also one of the founding members of the Committee for martial arts and self-defense at the Wingate institute. The development of his martial arts system “Dennis survival” earned him The European Association’s Jiu-Jitsu recognition.

Dennis was a founding member of the committee for martial arts and self-defense at the Wingate institute in Netanya. In 1983 he was awarded his 5 th Dan and the European association recognized his method “Dennis Survival”, as a modern, reality based form of Jiu-Jitsu. He soon gained the title Dr. Dennis Hanover “Grand Master”.In the year 1986 he was awarded his 6 th Dan. Up to the year 2000 he was awarded his 7 th 8 th and 9 th Dan. In the year 2000 he was awarded his Dan 10th degree black belt. In 2004, the European union of Jiu-Jitsu recognized Dennis as the founder of “Dennis Survival”. His method gained international recognition as a unique reality based style of self-defense. But if you ask him today what his ambitions were and what they remain today, he would answer unequivocally, “Introducing a way of life based on fundamental principles, six values of respect.

Glory to God and life as a supreme value.

“Glory to God on high gave me the wisdom and knowledge to guide the intensity of the students, and help them cope with the hardships of everyday life (survival). Also faith showed me the proper guidance in life, the essence of humanity and the value of human life. I was convinced to help people when they need to witness the beauty of the world and the life in it. “

Dennis Hanover

With faith, one can find the internal forces to overcome difficulties, dangers and situations that seem be a dead end.

The “Dennis Survival ” system and instilling the belief in life has helped Roy , aged 14, and his friend escape an armed knife attack which occurred near the railroad tracks in Ramat Hasharon.. Saving lives is the supreme illustration of the “Dennis Survival” system.

Respect for the flag and country

“My country means to me: a place to live, a safe haven. Living in exile signified rejection and contempt that made daily life unbearable.”

Every person is born to do something, your spirit to god and yourself.

Dennis Hanover.

Childhood in the shadow of anti-Semitism in South Africa helped Dennis consolidate his recognition of the importance of Zionism. He believes his immigration to Israel did not end the Zionist movement. Zionism helps to provide direction for youth, building strong, beautiful, values, providing a personal example in forming young volunteers, and the contribution to Israel’s security.

Every jew must have a Barmitzva

Respect for the family

“Means to me: love, companionship, trust, friendship, and assistance. Place of security and peace.”

The bad elements: selfgain, ego, money, power. Beware!

Respect for the teacher, instructor

“Means to me: the wisdom to present students at risk, orient life, new opportunities, goals and objectives.

Teacher “is a symbol of the lion Judah: heart, spirit and body.”

Dennis Hanover.

25,000 students half are girls passed the training centers of Dennis Hanover. Dennis initiated a unique program in a local education system in Herzliya and then Be’er Sheva. In this absorbing students on the principles of self-defense, the values of respect for others, parents, for themselves and their country.

Respect for friends

“Means to me: affection, happiness, laughter, listening, cooperation, assistance and support.

Respect for friends is when there is always one to rely and who you trust, when the ability to see beyond reaches friends in an attempt to expose the good and the beautiful in them. “

Dennis Hanover.

Dennis teaches around young and old from all walks of life. The trainee learns the value of friends: appreciates the person as such, rejoices and weeps with them, be willing to help, lend a hand, to listen, to trust and to sacrifice for his or her friend.

Respect for oneself

“Means to me: believe you can succeed and following through with action. Respecting yourself means to choose the way of dealing constant, to be consistent, to train, to look always forward to enjoy all that you do. Become capable of loving from seeing the rarity and uniqueness present in every moment of life.”

The last man standing, don’t break, don’t give your back and don’t drop your head.

Every darn day tearns into a silver lining. Every day is a present from god.

Dennis Hanover

Through his difficult childhood, Dennis was exposed to anti-Semitism, violence, hunger and lack of love. During the most difficult moments, he found the strength to rise and overcome the challenges to move forward on the right path. He does not cannot forget the past, and therefore he increases his sensitivity to the plight of others and the ability to listen, understand and help.

Through teaching martial arts, he instills in his students the values of being an equal human being. In a deeply special way, Dennis Hanover finds a way to influence, to reduce the level of violence, and enhance interpersonal communication. Many times he succeeds where ordinary educational methods have failed.

The dream of Dr. Dennis Hanover is a just society, a better moral essence, a culture based on mutual respect, values that will be reflected in the daily life of an individual and in the social, political and economic classes. Missionary zeal is to rise above personal interests – selfish and seek together to get a more beautiful tomorrow , tomorrow we will be proud to live.

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