Special Course for Women

Special Course for Women – Free of Charge.
For decades, the Dennis Hisardut Foundation, together with the main branch in Herzeliya,
IMG-20150610-WA0017has been active in supporting the community, and performs vast volunteer activities with youth at risk, special needs population, “lonely” IDF soldiers, and more. This is in addition to a network of studios in Israel and around the world, teaching the martial art system of Dennis Survival Ju-Jitsu (aka Dennis Hisardut), and instilling the values of respect and courtesy in students

of all ages and demographics.
Dennis Hisardut Ju-Jitsu is an Israeli martial art, developed by its founder, Dr. Dennis Hanover, 10th Degree Black Belt, who is recognized for his achievements worldwide, as
well as by the Sports Authority in Israel. For his accomplishments in the martial arts world throughout the decades, he was recently awarded a special recognition award by the Minister of Sports & Culture, which adds to the many awards and trophies he received in the past.
Due to the increase in violence in the Israeli society, Dr. Hanover, and his son Guy, VP of course (34)the system, decided recently to add another volunteer activity, and open a special class for women, free of charge. The aim of the class is to provide women with practical and effective tools, allowing them to successfully deal with attacks and violent incidents that might happen in their every-day life. Learning a martial art, and training in a controlled safe environment, increases the self-confidence and peace of mind, and allows the individual to better deal with situations of conflict or violence, be it on the street, at work, or
even at home.
The class takes place at the Dennis Hisardut Ju-Jitsu Center, Sderat Shivaat Hakochavim,

in Herzeliya, adjacent to the Fire Department, and the mall, on Tueday nights at 8:00 pm. The class is open to women and adolescent girls, in good health. A good health bill is required.
To register:

  • Dennis Hisardut, Herzeliya: 09-954-1648
  • Snir Ben Ishay: 052-676-5443
  • Arik Abdoush: 054-242-4762
  • Eduard Lindenbaum: 050-456-1860