Business Training

Private self-defense training in the world of business is a short and effective way to make changes in terms of reasoning, personal life, and career. While training, the student learns to recognize his/her limits, and expand their sense of mental and physical capacity. The student doesn’t only learn to be physically fit and flexible, but flexible in the mind and the way of thinking critically. This combination of mental and physical strength allows the student to view life in a new fashion and build a foundation of new strategies.

Among our graduates:

- Former Interior Ministry, Mr. Dov Kohath and now CEO and owner of a consulting firm.

- Gideon Kalimian, branding expert and owner of Mesh Branding:

“Dennis Survival training is a must for any real business. It contributes to my peace of mind in daily life and contests with customers. This allows for creative thinking, systemic vision, building effective strategies and the willingness to promote me and my business …”

For personal training and/or integration into an existing adult group,

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