Self Defense for Women

What is the value of women learning self-defense? Why is it important? Self-defense is self-understanding; it is the ability to do everything possible in order to survive any situation. Self-defense can develop assertiveness and confidence that enables a person to demonstrate his/her skills. Self-defense is the ability to learn how to assess and treat dangerous situations.

Self-defense means recognizing the natural defenses inherent in every human being and learn to use them effectively. Self-defense workshops for women aim to destroy the barrier of physical limitations caused by the existence of violence. The purpose of the workshop is to give them the tools to develop new opportunities in their lives. Self-defense is an essential skill that every girl and woman can develop and not to rely on somebody else.

How and why?

Existing self-defense methods have been developed by men for men. Men and women are physically and psychologically different. They have different abilities and different personal defense capabilities. The Dennis Survival women’s self-defense program was created by a woman for woman. The techniques in this unique program are concise and built instinctively for woman and young girls’ physical capabilities. We believe once there is a balance between a people’s physical, mental, and emotional components, then a person can live in peace and security.

Each session covers a different theme that connects to the central issue of every person having the right to live in dignity and security. The Dennis survival lessons focus on these key issues

• Improving Self-Confidence

• Improving Self Esteem

• Improving Body Language and assertiveness

• Dignity

• Respect for others

• Self-control

• Defense capability Development

The efficient and practical Dennis Survival method provides a solution to overcoming violence. Dennis Survival for women combines physical body conditioning while at the same time providing mental, emotional and psychological training for the mind. This system gives women the tools they need in order to survive any situation. The sessions take place successfully at more than 18 centers for the prevention and treatment of domestic violence. There are more than 30 clubs in the Dennis survival system that help women across the country with domestic violence and self-defense.

The program involves various self-defense techniques originally developed by Dennis Hanover (founder of the system Dan 10) and are allso combined with original self- defense techniques by Daniela Ganpol Dan 7. Daniela who is an expert in women’s self-defense and was the head of the women’s self- defense method in the European Ju-Jitsu association. She was a volunteer for the Israeli Police as a domestic violence assessor. Her rank is commander. Her police unit became a national symbol of Anti-Violence.

Today there are classes for self-defense free of paiment in the center of Dennis-Survival in Herzlia taught by Edward Lindenbaum Dan 5, and in the north of Israel by Aurly Hanover Bahar Dan 6 (Dennis Hanovers daughter), and soon will be taught in more cities in Israel.

It should become a way of life for you and your family.