Training Methods Dennis Survivel Ju-Jitsu

Dennis Survival Method: Created by Dr. Dennis Hanover, Dennis Survival Ju-Jitsu is the original and most effective self-defense system in Israel. The purpose of the system is to strengthen the body, while improving self-awareness, and to build pure values based upon the advantages and disadvantages of the student. Practicing Dennis Survival is a way of life, and helps prepare the student for whatever life throws at him/her.

Dennis Survival incorporates different elements from an eclectic range of selected Martial arts forms: Judo, Karate, and Ju-Jitsu. The unique and harmonious methods of survival and self-defense were meticulously chosen by Dr. Dennis Hanover himself Dan 10.

The Dennis survival method teaches the student how to deal with a variety of dangerous situations. A Dennis survival participant will always be alert and ready to deal with any situation. The training is conducted on a minimum of 2 classes per week, plus special training.

Children ages 4-5 in pre Dennis survival:

Playing games while learning group and individual work ethics adapts the child. The Kids learn the limitations of their bodies, and how to expanding their comfort level while becoming more coordinated and self-aware. The children learn social skills and foundational life values such as self-respect, discipline, respect for others, and motivation. All these factors contribute to the type of self-confidence associated with the proper assessment of violent situations.

Dennis survival for children ages 6-10:

This is the age where the mind begins to build self-confidence which is important for a stable, healthy personality. Under the close guidance of a qualified instructor, the child learns the secrets of self-defense through activities especially designed for his/her age group. The child will learn about him/herself while learning his/her abilities to defend with dignity. The child will also learn the value of good sportsmanship when playing any athletic game.

Dennis Survival Teens boys and girls:

Teens entering the adult world is not an easy process. They are required to deal with stress, violence, expectations of themselves and society, making decisions independently, both physically and mentally preparing to raise the approaching … and all accompanying adolescence. Through a framework of training, the boys and girls learn how to handle themselves physically and mentally through a physical empowerment, and a healthy target towards achieving goals. Dennis survival is no longer a self-defense class, but a philosophy of life that leads young teens from childhood into the warm inviting atmosphere of adulthood.

A youth that trained 10 to 15 years, goes into the army ready and able. Life is much easier for him or her and they contribute more to the army.

Dennis survival Adults:

This class makes a person the best that he/she can be with routine self-defense techniques, flexibility, fitness, and endurance. The trainee expands his/her internal and external capabilities through the expansion of personal capabilities.